AllJobs Vs. LinkedIn: Why Does AllJobs Have 3x More Jobs?

Whenever a new platform/service launches, there is undoubtedly a level of skepticism from consumers and competitors alike, and it’s completely understandable. In the past 20+ years since the early 2000s tech boom, all sorts of platforms have come and gone. Many of these businesses promised great things and failed to deliver. The entire Jobiak team, […]

Jobiak Launches AllJobs Platform: How This Free-to-Use AI-Based Platform Is Changing Online Recruitment

As a result of the pandemic and other current events in the year 2020, unemployment has skyrocketed in the United States. Currently, there are ~11 million people unemployed in the US, with the US Labor Department reporting that hiring has slowed down in recent months. With only around 4 million open jobs listed on the […]

Jobiak Announces the First Platform to Aggregate All US Jobs: AI-Based Platform Launches with COVID-19 Relief Initiative

Boston, Massachusetts, 7th Dec. 2020 – Jobiak announced the launch of its ‘All Jobs’ AI-based Global Jobs Distribution Platform (GJDP), a one-stop source to 100% of all jobs in real-time.  It is the first of its kind. A platform that provides access to every available online job, updated in real-time and with meta-search capabilities, making […]

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